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如今,中国和世界的联系越来越精密,我们出国购物和在网上购物也越来越利便了。想要给女(男)朋侪买买买再也不用愁。有些外洋网站都开通了直邮中国的服务,各大机场免税店也都能用支付宝来买单,剁手剁的越来越容易了呢!不知道大家都看中了哪些好物呢?相比衣服、鞋子这种要试穿的商品,化妆品是海淘一族们最喜欢购入的商品啦,但有的时候打开外国网站,总是被种种各样的英文名称所困惑,到底谁是洗面奶!谁是卸妆水!这回让我们把这些七零八落的英文名称一网打尽!做一个有知识的吃土青年吧!【Skin care(护肤品)】从护肤顺序上来说,一般我们会用下以下几种护肤品:Step 1 Cleansing (洁面)Start by removing dirt and oil buildup with your facial cleanser. STEP 2: TONER(爽肤水)Skipping toner is like writing your dissertation then quitting before you've saved it. STEP 3: : EYE CREAM(眼霜)According to board-certified dermatologist Annie Chiu, it’s vital to apply an eye cream at least every night.STEP 4: SERUM(英华素)When it comes to serums, there are a wide range of available ingredients, so most of your selection process will come down to your specific needs.STEP 5 Lotion(乳液)Like the rest of the body, skin does the bulk of its repairing, restoring and regenerating as we sleep. These concentrated lotions deliver active ingredients deep into pores, so ensure you're using one that caters to your biggest skincare woes. 【Make up(彩妆篇)】彩妆产物比起护肤品就更是多种多样了,每小我私家化妆的顺序也是千差万别。

先根据大家最常见的化妆顺序来先容一下吧!Step 1.Primer(妆前乳)The correct order comes into play to save your makeup regimen as well, ensuring you get the most flawless wear from your foundations and colorful pigments.Step 2.Foundation then concealer(底妆和遮瑕)If you have a blemish you’ll do better to conceal it properly once foundation is applied so you can blend it in and leave foundation intact.Step 3.Powder(定妆散粉)Your face powder is designed to set your makeup and soak up excess oil, so sweep over shiny t-zones, chins and under-eyes to set concealer.Step 4. Bronzer then blusher(修容和腮红)Tawny bronzing powders and creams are designed to etch in gentle structure, so do this before defining your cheeks with a pretty wash of blusher.Step 5. Eyeshadow and eyeliner, then mascara(眉毛、眼线和睫毛膏)Lacquered lashes can get in the way when trying to nail a feline flick, so slick on your mascara after applying your shadow and liner.Step 6. Lipstick(口红)Finally, add a pop of color to your lips with a lipstick or gloss. Saving this step for last gives you a chance to choose a shade that will match, or perhaps balance, the rest of your look.其他化妆品英文名称:卸妆水: makeup remover 卸妆乳: makeup removing lotion 指甲: manicure/pedicure 指甲油: nail polish/color/enamel 去甲油:nail polish remover 护甲液:nail saver 发: hair products/accessories 洗发水: shampoo 护发素: hair conditioner 锔油膏: conditioning hairdressing/hairdressing gel /treatment 摩丝: mousse 发胶: styling gel 染发: hair color 冷烫水: perm/perming formula 化妆品/化妆工具 工具: cosmetic applicators/accessories 粉刷: cosmetic brush, face brush 粉扑: powder puffs 海绵扑: sponge puffs 眉刷: brow brush 睫毛夹: lash curler 眼影刷: eye shadow brush/shadow applicator 口红刷: lip brush 胭脂扫: blush brush 转笔刀: pencil sharpener 电动剃毛器: electric shaver-for women 电动睫毛卷: electric lash curler 描眉卡: brow template 卷发器: rollers/perm rollers纸巾: facial tissue 吸油纸: oil-absorbing sheets 化妆棉: cotton pads 棉签: q-tips以上就是我们在购物中可能会遇到的化妆品英文名称,别看这些名字有点很长,有的不太好读,其实它们都是由一些基础词汇衍生出来的,好比powder(散粉),它自己的意思是粉末,在食物中,可以翻译为面粉,而在化妆品中就成为了散粉;remover(卸妆产物),本意是清洁剂,在化妆品领域中则是卸妆剂。诸如此类的例子另有许多,可以看出英文中有些“专有名称”其实是来自于生活,而改变于生活的。



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